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Italian Helmer Nanni Moretti to head 2012 Cannes Jury

The countdown to Cannes 2012 begins with the Festival announcing the appointment of the president of the competition jury. For 2012, Italian director (and part-time actor) Nanni Moretti has been given the honours. Moretti is a festival regular, having presented six films at the festival since 1978.

Moretti is a familiar name for Italian cinemagoers, but only those who frequent their local art-house cinemas or the festival circuit in English speaking countries are likely to be familiar with his work, which includes Habemus Papam (We Have a Pope), Sogni d’Oro (Sweet Dreams), and La Messa è finita (The Mass is Ended).

Moretti described the appointment as "a real joy, an honour and a tremendous responsibility." He went on to say, " As a director, I was always very moved when my films were presented at the Festival de Cannes. I also have very happy memories of my experience as a jury member during the fiftieth anniversary season, and of the attentiveness and passion that went into the jury’s viewing and discussion of all the films.

As a spectator, fortunately I still have the same curiosity that I had in my youth and so it is a great privilege for me to embark on this voyage into the world of contemporary international film.”

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